Abbasi Hotel (formerly known as Shah Abbas Hotel) was built at the time of king Sultan Husayn of Safavid dynasty about 300 years ago. It was built as a caravansary to provide lodging for passengers. The structure has been recovered since the 1950s to fight and prevent degradation.

With 186 Single/Double rooms, 19 Suites, 8 Safavid Suites, 7 furnished Apartment and 2 Luxury rooms with Jacuzzi bath, the five-star Abbasi Hotel has the best facilities equivalent to international standards.

The hotel is conventionally situated in the center of the city, with easy access to shopping centers and historical monuments of Isfahan.

امکانات هتل

  • اینترنت بی سیم
  • پارکینگ
  • یخچال با مینی بار شارژ شده
  • سشوار
  • استخر سر پوشیده
  • جکوزی
  • سونا
  • رستوران
  • رستوران سنتی
  • کافه سنتی
  • کافی شاپ